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Karma Genetics

Sour Melon | Karma Genetics | 12 Regular Seeds

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Lineage:Melon (KG cut) x Sour D BX3
Flowering time: 8 – 10 weeks
Genetics: Indica dominant hybrid
Sex: Regular


This cross is a fusion of two of the most our popular cultivars and its been long anticipated by the fans. The Melon KG cut crossed with the Sour D BX3 #A2 male.

Expect strong, prolific plants with light green flowers and deep green leaves. Sour Melon is a big yielder and can be pushed by experienced growers to achieve huge harvests. She puts out a lot of resin too, making this a great choice for extraction artists.

Flavours and aromas are strong and pronounced with sour, overripe fruit and gassy funky sweetness. A real symphony of flavours that really complement each other.

Effects are heavy and robust, keeping in with most of Karma’s handiwork. A special strain that is sure to be popular with connoisseurs.

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