Clones with Heart

At Roots Farms, we aim to only include the most exotic cannabis ornamental strains in our catalogue. Each of our genetics, from breeders such as Archive Seed Bank, Karma Genetics, Exotic Genetix and many more, have been selected with love and dedication to provide the right indoor or garden plant for every cannabis lover.

  • Information for buyers of hemp ornamental plants

    Hemp plants are sold as ornamental plants, to improve indoor air quality, to make tea from the leaves, etc. The extraction of THC-containing narcotics is not permitted in Austria! (see §28 SMG). Artificial or natural lighting of at least 18 hours per day is required to prevent the formation of flowers and fruit clusters.


    (Karma Genetics)


    (Clone Only)


    (Clone Only)


    (Sensi Seeds Breeder Cut)

  • At Roots Farms, we love our green gold.

    We are a small company, which means that we can guarantee the highest quality and we are happy about that!

    This is the only way we can select our products with love and invest all the time that your future hemp ornamental plants deserve.