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Zmoothiez Genetics

Limepaya | Zmoothiez Genetics | 4 Feminized Seeds

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Limepaya – An Unmatched Creation, Award-Winning and Astonishing

🥇 Award-Winning Genetics: Papaya Power, Crowned and Paired with Orange Nectar

Following our triumph with Papaya Power, first place at WPFF and second place Rosin at the Homegrown Cup in the Netherlands, the pairing with our gem, Orange Nectar, was naturally the next step.

🏆 Astonishing Outcome: Enhanced Qualities, Structural Support Needed

The crossbreeding exceeded all our expectations, amalgamating fragrance, taste, potency, and outstanding yield. Given the density of the lateral branches, the reinforcement with tutors becomes essential.

🍋 Flavor Explosion: An Exotic, Tangy, and Resinous Mix

The taste profile of Limepaya, a signature of Zmoothiez, embodies our expertise: an exquisite blend of tangy tropical flavors, enhanced by a sweet sugary touch and remarkable resin production.

🌿 Stunning Visuals: Enchanting Colors, Impressive Structure

The plants, medium to large in size, proudly display a green hue punctuated with silky orange pistils and majestic tops. Outdoors, prepare for an unforgettable spectacle: about 40% of the plants reveal pink pistils, a direct heritage from Papaya.

Limepaya is not just a variety, it’s a complete sensory experience, reaffirming why Zmoothiez is synonymous with excellence. Dive into a world of unprecedented flavors and sensations with Limepaya.