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Perfect Tree Seeds

Coconut Cream | Perfect Tree Seeds | 6 Feminized Seeds

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2. Caractéristiques


TYPE : Hybrid Indica Dominant

Flowering Time : 8 weeks

Yield : Depends on the grower skills

Flavor: Gas and Cream

Experiment: Strong

Femisnized seeds

Coconut Cream is the combination of our selected cut of LA Kush Cake from Seed Junky crossed with Coco Milk.

You can’t find a creamier duo than these two. The LA Kush Cake brings the typical Kushmint flavour and the potency from the wedding cake mixed with the Coco Milk to enhance the creamy effect even more, thanks to the Bingsu influences.

The plant is medium / tall and produces nice sized buds, very shiny and frosty all the way down to the lowers. The flowering cycle is 8 weeks straight for her to be ready to harvest.