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Perfect Tree Seeds

Coco Fresh | Perfect Tree Seeds | 6 Feminized Seeds

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Genetics: Runtz x Coco milk


TYPE :  Hybrid indica dominant


YIELD: Depends on grower Skills

FLAVOR: Mild Gas

EXPERIMENT: Intense relaxation experience.

Femisnized seeds

Coco Fresh is a cross between the Runtz, pollinated by our Coco Milk reversal.

The terpene profile is very unique offering a totally new version of the original Runtz by introducing Coco Milk’s special blend of gas and cream.

Coco Fresh produces decent sized nugs and is ready in 8 weeks, producing large amounts of resin.

This strain will transport your mind to a tropical beach where you can hear the gentle crashing of waves whilst indulging in the freshness of natural coconut water.

The plant grows straight forward producing beautiful shiny trichomes bursting with flavour. She is a solid yielderworthy of becoming a permanent fixture in any garden.