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Zmoothiez Genetics

Supa Choopz | Zmoothies Genetics | 4 Feminized Seeds

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Supa Choopz 🌱 – The incredible alchemy between Fatso and Orange Nectar 🎆

Discover Supa Choopz: A plant with great potential 🌈

Supa Choopz is the ultimate hybrid, born from the fusion between Phinest’s elite Fatso clone, grading over 33% THC, and the deliciously aromatic Orange Nectar. This strain is a sensory explosion that defies description.

Elite genetics: When fatso meets Orange Nectar 🧬

Lineage: Fatso x Orange Nectar

Indica/Sativa ratio: 70/30

THC content: 28

Fatso, an elite clone with dizzying THC levels, combines with Orange Nectar to create a hybrid of unrivalled power and yield.

Flowering and yield: A harvest treasure 🌼

Flowering time: 55-65 days

Internal yield: 400-500g

Outside yield: 500g-1kg

Supa Choopz plants are rather large, with a rich bloom and powerful resin. For even more impressive blooms, topping is highly recommended.

Aromatic profile: A firework of aromas🍊⛽

Terpenes: Citrus, Spices, Gas

Immerse yourself in a whirlwind of aromas, from spicy citrus to gas, for an incomparable olfactory experience.

Effects: A relaxing bomb 😌💤

Get ready for a soothing, relaxing journey with Supa Choopz. The impact of Fatso enhances not only the potency but also the yield of Orange Nectar, making this strain an absolutely must-have cannabis experience.