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Zmoothiez Genetics

Guavarita | Zmoothiez Genetics | 4 Feminized Seeds

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Sunset Guava x Orange Nectar – A Divine Fusion of Flavors and Experiences

An Elite Fusion: Rare Seeds from Oregon and Humboldt

The remarkable combination of Sunset Guava, rare seeds from Oregon and Humboldt, offered during Spannabis 2021 in Barcelona, and our classic Orange Nectar, has birthed an exceptional hybrid.

A Spectacle for the Eyes and Senses 🌿

Structure: Solid, compact, resinous flowers, classic green color

This genetic blend will captivate you with the beauty of its solid, compact flowers, abundantly resinous, flaunting the emblematic green color.

A Feast of Exotic Flavors 🍋🍓

Flavor profile: Tropical fruits, red fruits, lemony and sweet notes

Lovers of sweet and fruity flavors will be delighted by this true tropical fruit salad, enhanced with notes of red fruits, lemon, and sweet sweetness.

Exceptional Resinous Yield 🔥

Resin layer: Delicately sweet, candy-like

Sunset Guava contributes a delicately sweet resin layer, reminiscent of candy, while Orange Nectar adds an incredible touch right from the first scents and inhalations.

A Deep and Gourmet Relaxation 🌌

Effects: Deep relaxation, appetite stimulation

Dive into a state of ultimate relaxation while reviving your appetite, allowing you to savor this delicious treat even longer.

This fusion of Sunset Guava and Orange Nectar is a unique experience that will charm lovers of flavor and relaxation. Bon voyage into the universe of delicacy and sweetness.