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Zmoothiez Genetics

Forbidden Nectar | Zmoothiez Genetics | 4 Feminized Seeds

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Forbidden Nectar 🍊🍏 – The Essence of the Forbidden Transformed into Paradise

Introduction – Elixir of the Gods

Discover Forbidden Nectar, an indica-dominant botanical marvel from the inventiveness of Zmoothiez. This variety, which can be grown indoors, outdoors and in greenhouses, is the masterpiece of a heavenly encounter between Forbidden Fruit and our Orange Nectar.

An Unparalleled Legacy – The Merging of Legends 🌱

Lineage: Forbidden Fruit x Orange Nectar

When two worlds collide, the result is a variety that combines the best of both worlds. Forbidden Nectar blends bewitching flavors and flamboyant colors, creating a unique experience.

A Panorama of Flavors – L’Odyssée des Sens 🍊🍏

Fragrance: Orange, Passion Fruit, Exotic Fruits, Acidulated Apple

Dive into an ocean of intense flavors, combining notes of orange with nuances of exotic fruit and a tangy touch of apple. A veritable explosion of delight in every puff.

Technical Specifications – Excellence at the Service of Culture 🌿

  • Indica/Sativa ratio: 70/30
  • THC content: 26
  • Flowering time: ±60 days
  • Yield: 400/500g

Effects and Sensations – Double the Impact 🌬️

Effects: Body Stoned Indica, High Sativa Psychedelic

Forbidden Nectar is not for the faint-hearted. It offers a psychedelic sativa high, amplifying the well-being provided by its body-stoned indica effect. A variety that leaves a lasting impression.

Attraits for the Cultivators – A Show for Eyes and Hands 🌳

Size: Medium to Large
Flowers: Large, Compact, Abundant Trichomes
Colors: Multicolored Palette (Violet, Purple, Red, Emerald Green)

With its densely packed flowers and plethora of trichomes, Forbidden Nectar is a grower’s dream. It also boasts impressive lateral growth, guaranteeing abundant, high-quality yields.