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Zmoothiez Genetics

Banana Jellyz | Zmoothies Genetics | 4 Feminized Seeds

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Banana Jelly’Z 🍌🍊 – A Cannabic Symphony of Euphoria and Power

Introduction – The Apotheosis of Pleasure

Banana Jelly’Z is a cannabic caprice from Zmoothiez with a fascinating indica-dominant profile. It’s a versatile strain that excels in a variety of growing environments: indoor, outdoor and greenhouse.

A Rich Family Tree – Creating a Masterpiece 🌱

Lineage: Banana OG x Orange Nectar

Banana Jelly’Z is the result of a union between Banana OG, famous for its abundant resin, and our Orange Nectar. With backgrounds in Ghost OG and Sagarmatha’s 60/40, this strain is a breeder’s dream come true.

A Kaleidoscope of Flavors – An Aromatic Fan 🍌🍊

Aromas: Notes of Banana and Orange on a background of powerful THC

Enjoy the aroma of a fresh, juicy banana, enriched with a touch of orange, and accentuated by a powerful presence of THC. A pleasure for the senses that transcends the norm.

Technical Specifications – The Benchmark for Cultivation 🌿

  • Indica/Sativa ratio: 80/20
  • THC content: 24-26%.
  • Flowering time: ±60 days

Effects and Sensations – A Captivating Blend of Power and Serenity 🌬️

Effects: Euphoric, Ultra-powerful, High-powered Sedative

Banana Jelly’Z wraps you in a blanket of well-being, with ultra-powerful, euphoric effects. Fans of indica strains will be delighted, with its extraordinary sedative power.

Assets for Growers – A Botanical Treasure 🌳

Size: Medium to Large
Flowers: Ultra Resiny, Compact
Colors: Shades of Green and Purple

Growing Banana Jelly’Z is a botanical adventure. With its elongated structure typical of OG varieties, this plant reveals ultra-resinous, compact flowers of stunning visual beauty.